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Web3 CRM for Dapps

Real-time analytics and marketing automation based on crypto wallets data

Our awesome features
Web3 Gleam

- Create trustable contests, quests, and gifts with a no-code smart contract builder - Analyze useful actions in one place automatically - subscription, retweet, buying a token, and collecting NFT

Our awesome features
Referral links with smart contracts

- Create time-limited affiliation links with the no-code builder - Make your affiliation program trustworthy for influencers and Web3 communities with smart contract - Reward partners for success affiliations automatically

Our awesome features
Tokenized community real-time analytics

- Segment, filter, and tag members in real-time - Unify member profiles for a better understanding of your members with linked activity across blockchains and social platforms - Understand your unit economy. Track on- and off- chain data for deeper insights into member activity